August 19, 2011

1108_mailerbanner_ltrDear Member,

Never before has the work of American Stewards of Liberty been so needed for our nation.

Our U.S. Congress’ approval rating is at 14 percent, the lowest in our nation’s history, and for good reason.  Not only does most of the nation not trust our federal government, they don’t believe they can solve any of our problems.  

However, because of your support, American Stewards of Liberty is solving problems.  We are saving private property and entire communities from over burdensome regulations and absurd government bureaucracies.  

Remarkably, as small an organization as we are, we are involved in some of the most critical and important battles of the day being waged against our nation.  This includes battles from our own government seeking to destroy private property, local communities, entire economies, natural resource producers, and eventually our nation as we know it.  But, the work you support is saving our nation - one community - one issue - at a time.

That may seem implausible, inconceivable, or even impossible, but it’s happening.  Our work has taken on national implications that sometimes defy our own comprehension.  

Today in California, we are fighting one of the Administration’s top domestic priorities – the High Speed Rail.  We are helping Kings County and three school districts to utilize coordination like we did on the Trans-Texas Corridor.

The Federal Railroad Administration and the California High Speed Rail Authority are planning to place the track through the middle of California’s Central Valley, which supplies half of America’s food crops and feeds the world.  However, “progressives” are willing to destroy it just so they can travel faster.

The California Central Valley has a big fight ahead, but we’ve committed to stand with them to the end.

In Arizona, we’ve had the great opportunity to train numerous local governments who are using coordination to fight the jaguar, minnows, leopard frog and other species the government wants to list as endangered.  But, what has been most rewarding is that through our training, one of the entities that has decided to utilize coordination is Fort Huachuca of the U.S. Army.  They are the only base in the world where we can test some of our most effective high level counter terrorism systems safely, but the potential designation of critical habitat of two minnows may force the base to curtail some of those operations.

However, since learning coordination, they are now insisting the Service take into account the national security implications of the critical habitat designation to hopefully resolve their conflicts.

And, in Texas, we’re fighting one of the most pivotal battles in our nation today.  The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is proposing to list the Dunes Sagebrush Lizard as an endangered species.  If listed, millions of acres of private property used for grazing and oil and gas production will be shut down.

The Lizard lives in a crescent shape area of the Permian Basin, which also happens to be the most prolific oil and gas producing region in the lower 48 states producing 1.5 million barrels of oil a day and 20 percent of our entire domestic production.   

Typically, the Service has no population data for the lizard, doesn’t know much about its habitat and the basis of the listing is founded upon deplorable research.  Once again, the Endangered Species Act is being used to carry out an agenda that wants to eradicate grazing and oil and gas production in our nation.

Through coordination, we not only now have the Bureau of Land Management agreeing with our position that the lizard doesn’t deserve listing, but we have the Texas Attorney General, the Texas General Land Office, a U.S. Senator, several congressmen, multiple scientists from a leading Texas university, six counties in Texas and New Mexico, one Soil and Water District, working with us to stop the listing.

All these efforts are being partially funded by the various entities we are helping, but they only cover part of our budgetary needs.  All of these fights need to be waged for the sake of liberty.

American Stewards of Liberty has been called into some of the most crucial battles of our time and we need your support to continue.  Our nation is under attack from within and unless we continue to fight, we will lose at alarming rates our land, our ability to produce natural resources, and our ability to survive this horrible downturn of our economy.

The purpose of American Stewards is to stand for private property rights and against an over-reaching government threatening to take those rights away.  We are in a very unique position to fight these battles.  But we need your help to continue.  Please support American Stewards with your gift of $35, $50, $100 or more so we can continue to answer the call.  

Like you, we are standing up for what is right and making a real difference in our nation.  

We need your help once again,
Mike Dail Sig
Mike Dail



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